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Termo Industria, the secret manufacturer of SPGS!

We're thrilled to announce that we proudly stock Termo Industria's renowned gauges! Since the 1930s, Termo Industria has been synonymous with unparalleled precision and reliability in the diving world. With their groundbreaking pressure gauge unveiled in 1960, they've set the bar high for diving safety and clarity.

Our selection includes the iconic Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG), a testament to ergonomic and lightweight design, ensuring divers a clear and accurate read of vital stats. Their Combo-Consoles and Submersible Compasses, robust and user-friendly, are also part of our curated range.

Did you know? Termo Industria is the powerhouse behind the gauges of many major scuba brands that we can’t name. That's right, when you purchase a Termo Industria product from us, you're getting the same level of quality trusted by the world's leading scuba diving equipment providers.

Dive with us, dive with Termo Industria, and dive with confidence. We're here to ensure every underwater adventure is safe, thrilling, and equipped with the best.