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Seac Sub Synchro Octopus

Seac Sub Synchro Octopus

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The SEACSUB OCTOPUS SYNCHRO diving regulator is an ideal choice for both new and experienced athletes. Made of high-quality polished chrome plated brass, this regulator is built to withstand the demands of diving. Its extra-light hose of approximately 100cm is attached securely to the regulator and offers ideal respiratory resistance and balance.

With a simple and reliable downstream valve design, the Seac Synchro second stage octopus is constructed with durable techno-polymers and elastomers for a long lifespan. It also features a pre-dive control switch to prevent free flow, and a bright yellow purge cover for easy identification in case of an emergency. With its low-friction demand lever, breathing is smooth and linear. This regulator comes with a 39.25 (99.7 cm) threaded low-pressure hose and weighs approximately 12.8 oz (363 g).

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