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San-O-Sub DIN/Pro Valve

San-O-Sub DIN/Pro Valve

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This versatile DIN/Yoke Valve easily converts back and forth, depending on the type of first stage regulator used with the cylinder. Made from durable marine grade chrome plated brass, it is available in left or right hand configurations and can handle up to 3442 psi or 2400 psi (200/232 bar). With a female DIN connection and 5 threads when the insert is removed, this valve is designed to optimize regulator performance while also featuring a sturdy extended rubber handwheel grip for easy on/off usage, even with gloves.

The heavy duty valve mechanism (internal parts) ensures durability and smooth operation, while the integrated multi ported plug and disc design safety assembly can be easily replaced and is recessed to prevent damage during diving or transport. The dip tube has hex wrench flats for simple installation and removal, and the valve to cylinder threads are standard 3/4" X 14 NPSM straight threaded with an O-ring seal. This valve is designed and tested to meet global manufacturing standards.

Pro DIN/Yoke Valve Features

  • Pro DIN/Yoke Valve
  • Duel DIN/Yoke Valve with Removable Insert
  • Easy Conversion from Yoke to DIN Connection
  • Standard 200/232 bar (3442 psi or 2400 psi) Female DIN Connection
  • 5 Threads when Insert is Removed
  • Available in Left or Right Hand Configurations
  • High Flow Characteristics to Maximize Regulator Performance
  • Sturdy Extended Rubber Handwheel Grip for Easy On/Off Even w/Gloved Hand
  • Durable Marine Grade Chrome Plated Brass
  • Heavy Duty Internal Valve Mechanism
  • Designed for Durability and Smooth On/Off Operation
  • Integrated Multi Ported Safety Plug& Disc Design
  • Safety Plug Assembly: Easy Replacement, Recessed to Protect Against Damage
  • Dip Tube: Hex Wrench Flats for Easy Installation/Removal
  • Standard 3/4" X 14 NPSM Straight Threaded Cylinder Connection
  • O-Ring Sealed Valve to Cylinder
  • Designed and Tested to Meet Global Valve Manufacturing Standards
  • Oxygen Compatible Materials and Lubricants
  • Packaged in Heat Sealed Bag to Assure Oxygen Compatibility
  • Select Right Hand (standard) or Left Hand position.
  • Select Burst Disk for proper cylinder
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