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Atomic Aquatics

Atomic Aquatics Full Foot Splitfin

Atomic Aquatics Full Foot Splitfin

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The only time that less effort can take you farther. The Atomic Aquatics Full Foot Split Fins are expertly designed to provide an easy-to-kick experience while swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Slowly kick a few times and see these fins take you farther than of your peers. The split fin design opens up into a "wing" that helps eliminate leg strain and fatigue. Less fatigue also means you're able to stay more time underwater since you're wasting less energy on your kicks. From novice to experts, the Atomic Full Foot Slip Fins let you dive longer and explore more.


Power rails: As the backbone of your fin, the power rails store and release energy with every swim kick

Split Blade: Slices through the water and reduces drag, helps prevent leg fatigue when swimming

Power plate: Internal foot sole allows for maximum power transfer to the fin blade while maintaining a soft fin pocket

High surface ration blade: Large surface area design improves pivoting and alternate kicking styles while swimming

Available in black and yellow. One year warranty.

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