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Termo Industria

Termo Industria Brass Pressure Gauge With Snap

Termo Industria Brass Pressure Gauge With Snap

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This gauge features a 52 mm (2 inch) diameter and a nickel plated solid brass housing with a tempered glass display. It also includes a copper beryllium bourdon tube mechanism and silver welding. Designed for technical divers, or any type of diving, it has a wide 270 degree sweep from "0" to full scale. Certified according to EN 250, it has range graduations from 0-360 bar and 0-400 bar. Manufactured in Italy, it weighs 170 grams (5.99 ounces) and has the model number T.I. 130004. For added versatility, it can be used with a stainless steel shackle with bolt (model number T.I. 130004/a).

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