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Seac Propulsion S Diving Fins

Seac Propulsion S Diving Fins

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The SEAC Propulsion S fins are ideal for spearfishing or recreational diving. It boasts durable and comfortable elastic rubber construction and an innovative, versatile open-type design. The included Sling Strap strap emulates the fins of intelligent and functional fish, allowing for exceptional underwater performance. With materials like Polyolefin Thermoplastic in the blade and lightweight Thermoplastic Elastomer in the shoe, this diving fin offers high performance.

Made in Italy, it is a popular choice for both novice and experienced divers, including instructors and technical divers. The modern features, such as a lightweight design and the new Sling Strap system, make it a top choice on the market for all levels of divers. Plus, the dual-material technopolymer blade is highly resistant to impact, even in low temperatures.

Weight (single fin)

730 g, or 1.6 lbs.

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