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Seac Italia Asian Fit Mask

Seac Italia Asian Fit Mask

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Introducing the Seac Sub Italia Asian Fit, the latest addition to the Seac Sub product line for 2017. Designed with smaller, mainly Asian face structures in mind and built with top-quality materials, this mask sets a new standard for divers seeking optimal lens and frame quality. Made in Italy and available in a variety of striking metallic colors, it also boasts a durable scratch-resistant coating on the frames for long-lasting use. Never again worry about an ill-fitting mask - the Seac Sub Italia Asian Fit is here to elevate your diving experience.

This high-quality liquid silicone mask is designed with a curl finish on the edges to prevent a red ring from forming on the face when removing it at the surface. The soft silicone provides a better seal and the textured nose pocket allows for easier equalizing, even while wearing gloves. The ultra-clear lenses have a mirrored coating to protect against harmful rays, while the amber coating on the inside still allows for vibrant colors underwater. This mask also accommodates optical lenses from -1.0 to -6.0 diopters for those who need corrective lenses.


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