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Seac 230 Bar INT P-Synchro Regulator

Seac 230 Bar INT P-Synchro Regulator

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The P-Synchro regulator offers a piston design that prioritizes simplicity and reliability, making it a top choice for schools and diving centers. Certified by RINA, the Italian certification board, the regulator has been tested to have exceptional performance with minimal respiratory exertion. Crafted with durable chrome-plated brass and lightweight technopolymers for the first and second stages, respectively, this regulator features one HP outlet and four LP outlets.

  • Anti-impact hood in rubber on the first stage.
  • Membrane block safety system.
  • 1000mm yellow hose (P-Synchro Octo).
  • Respiratory exertion at 50 msw and 50 barg: 0.91 J/l RINA Certifications for Cold Water CE EN 250 2000.
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