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Seac Sub Italia Mask (Mirrored Lens)

Seac Sub Italia Mask (Mirrored Lens)

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The Seac Italia mask is a dual lens mask with a dual thickness skirt that helps to create a better seal around your face. Ultra clear tempered optical glass lets plenty of light in with fewer impurities so you get a true image of underwater. Tear drop shape lenses improve the field of view to the side but also when looking down. The reverse teardrop shape to the lower frame combined with the raked angle skirt brings the bottom of the frame back in toward the face and moves the frame out of the field of view. This not only improves lower visibility without the need to tilt the head but also reduces the internal volume of the mask.


  • Model: dual-lens with wide field of vision
  • Frame: polycarbonate with chrome-plated metal screw seats and stainless steel screws
  • Skirt: soft silicone in differentiated thicknesses, with broad textured surfaces. Areas in contact with the face created to achieve a perfect fit
  • Strap: Liquid silicone
  • Lenses: Ultra Clear tempered optical glass, 3-mm thick
  • LS Version: with special mirrored lens treatment (increases contrast and visibility) and metal effect frame (special scratch-resistant paint)
  • Optical lenses: options include negative -1.0 to -6.0 and positive +1.0 to +3.0
  • Package: rigid transparent box.
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