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BARE Duo B Mask

BARE Duo B Mask

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Bare Duo B – The perfect mask for divers who use optical lenses to improve their underwater view. The attractive low-volume dual lens Bare Duo B, comes with a strong, impact-resistant polycarbonate frame to withstand lots of use and abuse.

If you’re looking for a quality twin lens mask, and on a tight budget, the Bare Duo B Mask will fit just right! With its revolutionary push button buckle for easy and quick strap adjustments. It also features foldable and flexible buckle attachments, that swivel with facial movements to ensure a great seal, regardless of the diving conditions.

The unique buckles also absorb shock, preventing buckle breakage when mask when bumped. The Bare Duo B Mask has a double (flanged) feathered edge silicone skirt and wide split strap that combine for a perfect fit on the face.

This super lightweight and durable mask is fitted with tempered safety glass lenses. It is a low volume mask, with a wide field of vision that is easy-to-clear. The Bare Duo B Mask is equipped with easy to reach nose pocket, for ear equalisation that even works well with thick gloves.

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