"We are the Sons of Triton and our mission is to revolutionise the aquatic experience for both professional and recreational enthusiasts of the sea."

We are dedicated to creating innovative, eco-friendly, and high-quality products that serve divers, surfers, sailors, and all who cherish the ocean's depths. In our definition, these people are Sons Of Triton


Currently we stock top diving/sea sports brands like Atomic Aquatics, Bare, Seac, Problue and many others. And the plan is to ultimately make our own 'Sons Of Triton' products for all water sports and professions. We envision a future where the ocean's mysteries are accessible to all, inspiring a global community to value and protect our blue planet. Sons of Triton is not just a brand; it's a commitment. to quality, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of enabling everyone to explore and appreciate the majesty of the seas.